Event Planning Guide

Event planning guide

Planning an event is never easy, whether you’re looking to throw a birthday party, a family reunion, a sports gathering, or even just typical shindig. No matter what, you want your event to be the best, so use this event planning guide to make your party the one that everyone will be talking about for years to come!

There are a few things that every good party needs, good food, good drinks, good music, and above all you need to look your best! Luckily The List can offer you all of this and more, all in one convenient location, really helping to take the stress out of your party planning.


Whether you’re looking to throw a party yourself or help contribute to someone else’s. Be sure to check out The List, book the services you need or get your own services booked, and let’s all have a great party!




Food planning


First up in our event planning guide is food, every great party also needs some great food, and we’re not just talking about a plate of supermarket’s own sausage rolls. Nothing against them but if you’re looking to really impress then you’re going to have to step it up a notch.

When it comes to party food the two best options you have are finger foods or buffets. If it’s a formal get together then you might want to have a sit-down dinner but if you want to keep everyone mingling and on their feet, it’s a good idea to put out a spread of all the things people like at parties. Quiche, sandwiches, and fancy crisps are all well and good but hiring a professional chef to work on some culinary delights will have people talking for a long time.

How about an authentic Italian lasagna big enough for twenty? Or what about a curry buffet that you can be proud of? How about a beef wellington that would make a Royal blush? All of this is a sure fire way to get people talking about your party.




drink for events


In England, we certainly have a penchant for a warm lager and weak wine, but if you want to provide a truly unforgettable experience it never hurts to go top shelf. As part of our event planning guide, we recommend hiring a professional bartender or mixologist, it might sound extravagant but it’s cheaper than you might think and it’s bound to get people talking.

Who doesn’t want to swan around a party with a vodka martini or an exotic cocktail in hand? Making small talk about ‘the economy’ or other things people at fancy parties pretend to care about. Provide your guests with an experience they’ll never forget and establish yourself as the Queen or King of parties!




plan the music for an event


Another great tip from our event planning guide is that you need to remember that this is your party, and while you don’t want to be seen as the autocrat of the occasion, no one wants your mate Jeff stood next to the speakers saying ‘listen to this bit, no wait, it gets good in a second, honest.’ Of course, you can’t be the one to babysit Jeff the entire time ensuring he doesn’t kill the vibe with his awful taste in music and insistence that everyone has to listen to what he wants.

We’ve previously spoken about the best way to find a DJ for your party, and this might be the perfect excuse to follow those steps. Not only does a DJ stop everyone else in the party who think they’re the next Pete Tong (looking at you, Jeff!) but it also ensures that you can leave the music to a professional, someone who understands party etiquette and just wants everyone, yourself included, to have a great time!


Your look


hire a makeup artist or an hairdresser


The last step of our event planning guide is to remember that it’s not arrogant to want to be the best-looking person at the party but let’s face it, you definitely want to be the best looking at the party. To really show everyone else what you’re capable of, it might be worth treating yourself to a little makeover. After all, if everyone else gets to have an amazing time at the event of the summer, you want to look good doing it.

Get your nails, hair and makeup done all with professional beauty help and blow away any would-be competition. Show Janice from work that you can pull off the party of the year and look damn good doing it. She can talk about her new kitchen all she likes, we know what everyone will be talking about at work come Monday, and it’s definitely not her new washing machine.


Whether you have an excuse for a party or not, with this event planning guide and The List you can be confident that your event will the one on everyone’s mind. Start preparing today and find the services you need, at a time that suits you, on The List.