Are you looking to plan a Party in London? You’ve come to the right place! In this complete guide to Party Planning, we’ll reveal top tips from the capitals’ best professional party planners that will help you organise the perfect party for any occasion.

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Party Planning Checklist

We all love a good party, but when you are in charge of planning one, it can be a stressful business! You need to find a party venue in London, organise the food and catering, send out the party invitations, arrange suitable entertainment, and that’s just the beginning. The key to success is careful planning, and it all starts with a list.

Choose a Party Theme

Whether you are planning a children’s birthday party, a housewarming, or a baby shower, you need a party theme. A party theme will give your event direction and help you choose things such as the party venue, supplies, catering, and decorations. If you cannot decide on a party theme, choose a colour scheme instead. It makes party planning so much easier.

Set a Budget

Before you start shopping for children’s party entertainers, bespoke birthday cakes, ice sculptures, and chocolate fountains for rent, you need to set a realistic party budget. If you are hosting your party at home, you’ll save a fortune on renting a party venue in London, but you still need to budget for things like party food, decorations, crockery and glassware, music and entertainment, so set a clear budget on how much you want to spend before you get down to the nitty-gritty of party planning.

Set a Party Date

Weekend or weekday? What time will your party start? Setting a party date may sound easy enough, but if you are planning to host a party on a particular date, i.e. your birthday, Christmas day, or a World Cup Final, you may need to reserve a London party venue months in advance. Confirm this before finalising any other plans, and choose a date far enough in advance that your guests will have time to mark it in their calendars.

Book Party Venue London

Now you know when your party will take place, you can start looking for a venue. London’s best party venues get booked up months, even years in advance, so if you have a specific place in mind, book it sooner rather than later. When booking your party venue, don’t forget to ask about accessibility, parking, last orders etc.

Book Music & Entertainment

If you plan to book a London DJ or children’s entertainers for your party, now’s the time to confirm these arrangements.

Write a Guest List

If you are planning your own party, you’ll know who you want to invite, but if you are planning a party for someone else, you should compile the guest list together. Keep your party budget in mind when working on your list, the more people you invite, the more your party will cost.

Send Out Party Invitations

When buying party invitations, don’t forget to mention your party theme and list important information such as location, date, time, and RSVP date. You should also add party venue directions and contact information – just in case someone gets lost!

Plan Party Food

Whether you are self-catering or hiring professional party caterers for your event, now is the time to finalise the details. If you intend to do the food yourself, you’ll most like need to buy party plates, napkins, disposable glasses and cutlery, and table decorations, so keep your party theme or colour scheme in mind when shopping for these items. If you are using party caterers, double-check that their service includes glassware and crockery and that they will be supplying tablecloths, décor, etc.

Order a Birthday Cake

Engagement cake, housewarming cake, baby shower cake, anniversary cake… Every party deserves a cake, and if you are looking for a bespoke creation to impress your party guests, you should shop around for the best cake makers in the city who offer birthday cake delivery in London.

Shop for Party Favours

Everyone likes a little something to take away with them, and if you are looking for a small gift to give to your guests as a token of thanks for their attendance, there are numerous party favour options available. Sweets are ideal for children’s parties, while personalised chocolates remain popular for adult goody bags.

Add the Finishing Touches

If you are hosting your party at home, start decorating early morning so that you have the rest of the day to prepare the food and get ready for the party of the year. If your party is at a London venue, call the venue to confirm that everything is in order and contact all your service providers (caterers, entertainment etc.) to make sure they are all on track and able to deliver on time. Head to your venue at least an hour before your guests are due to arrive to add any finishing touches.


Pop the champagne and reap your rewards as London’s Best Party Planner!

Are you planning a party in London? Here what you can find on The List: