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Wedding planning tips with The List

You’ve been planning this day your whole life but no matter how much you feel you’ve prepared, you can’t help but feel like you’ve forgotten something. No, I’m not talking about the Game of Thrones finale, I am of course talking about your wedding. If you want to make sure you haven’t left anything to chance, take a look at these top wedding planning tips from The List.

Whether you’re looking for a professional makeup artist to give you the look you’ve always wanted, a DJ to spin your favourite tune for your first dance, or some top-notch waiters to give your ultimate wedding a touch of class, The List has it all.


Wedding Makeover


Wedding planning tips


This is your wedding we’re talking about here, so matter what else happens, you are the star of the show, and you should have an appearance to match. As the blushing bride-to-be, it’s important to look the part, which means you’re going to need a top class beauty team that would make the royal wedding look like a drunken Vegas mistake. Luckily, The List has a vast array of verified professionals, ready to answer your beck and call and make sure you have the makeup look you want.

Just like every queen needs a crown, so to does every bride need a head of hair to die for. When looking for wedding planning tips, a professional hair stylist is something that should be near the top of every list. With so much to do on the big day, you need people who can fit your schedule. With The List you can book a professional hair stylist who can give you that killer do, either the night before or on the very morning of your wedding, to ensure that all eyes are on you for the big day.

With hair and makeup done and dusted, why not complete the look with some truly stunning nails to match. Get your manicure and pedicure locked in and completed whenever you can find yourself some extra time in the days before you walk down the aisle.


List of wedding planning tips


Music for your wedding

With the most important thing now take

n care of, your looks, it’s maybe time to think about how you give your friends and family the time of their lives at what is sure to be the event of the year. It never hurts to have a good source of music, so next up on our list of wedding planning tips is finding the right sound for your day.

The first option is to find yourself a DJ who really represents what you like, and will avoid the usual wedding DJ trappings of Baby Shark and The Cha Cha Slide, while speaking unintelligibly. Unless of course, that’s what you’re after! We’ve previously written about the best way to find a DJ for your wedding or party in depth, but ultimately it comes down to being clear and establishing what you want to get out of the experience. Our DJ’s are here to serve you to the letter, so let them know and get them booked!

Alternatively, you could also hire yourself a traditional wedding band. Wedding bands have gone out of vogue the last few decades, with the rise of the MP3 it’s easier than ever to perfect your playlist, but if you’re looking for a retro experience, complete with cheesy banter, it’s hard to get that anywhere other than with a wedding band.


Service for your wedding guests

Last up on our list of wedding planning tips is some top-notch service for your guests. As we mentioned earlier, especially if you’re eschewing the typical wedding venue and opting for a more intimate our outdoor affair, you’ll need someone to bring that delicious food and drink to your guests. Hiring your own team of waiters may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. Show your guests your sophisticated side with help from the pros at The List.

Speaking of sophistication, another of our top wedding planning tips is to hire yourself a professional bartender. Sure, the vast majority of your friends and family will be content with prosecco and lager, but having someone on hand to provide only the fanciest and most intricate of cocktails is a sure fire way to let them know exactly why your wedding is the event of the year.


top wedding planning tips


With all of these wedding planning tips in place, you’ve let everyone know that you can plan a wedding with the best of them, but if you really want to remember just what a special day this was, and you may some help remembering after hiring a bartender, then be sure to hire a top class photographer. Capture those memories and never let them fade, yes, even that memory of your drunk uncle on dancing on the table…

Your wedding day is obviously a special one, so make it stand a cut above the rest with a few helping hands from The List and the best professionals in your local area.