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Floor Covering Trends

Here at The List, we want to help keep your home stylish and fresh and have put together a guide of 2020’s biggest floor covering trends. We not only want to keep you up to date but also make sure your home is practical; a home is for living after all. Following on from our interior design trends you’ll see a lot of similarities that keep a familiar consistent theme throughout your home.


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Hardwood Homes

While not a new trend it is staying strong and showing no signs of decline; carpets are out. Modern homes are continually having more and more hardwood surfaces throughout most of the rooms.

Hardwood is a timeless choice that never goes out of style. It is also a lot more durable than carpets, so the initial slight expense is offset over time. They require less cleaning and a well maintained surface doesn’t have to be replaced. Hardwood floors offer an elegance and richness that carpets can only dream of, making an immediate impact on guests.

Stylistically homes are moving towards warmer earthy tones and taking more natural inspirations, a hardwood floor is the perfect accompaniment.


floor covering trends


Wood or Stone?

The answer to wood or stone for your floor covering is simple, both! You don’t have to have a single flooring type throughout the home. Wood and stone both compliment each other as long as there a consistency in the tone of the rooms.

They’re both in-style due to their natural look and while wood is more prevalent, stone is still a common occurrence. Traditionally stone has been used in kitchens and bathrooms while wood has been used in more living spacing like communal rooms and hallways. It’s a trend that is practical due to the properties of the surfaces as well as a classic look.


floor covering trends


Blonde is Back

In recent years there has been a movements towards blonde flooring. The key benefit being that it keeps the natural earthy tones but also offers a bright vibrancy to the room that looks spacious compared to darker surfaces.

The blonde resurgence is also down to the flexibility the surface provides. You aren’t locked into one or two styles for your room; blonde can work with contemporary as well as rustic decorating. It can be an investment that you could keep for a lifetime and work around it as opposed to a floor that only works with the current style and would need to be replaced.


floor covering trends


Eco-Friendly Emergence

As previously mentioned the natural inspiration behind modern floor covering trends isn’t just in the look but also in the substance. As we’ve become more aware of our carbon footprint, eco-friendly flooring is now plenty and affordable.

There’s a wide range of artificial surfaces that work as well as the real deal. However there’s a misconception around using real wood. Wood is a renewable source as long as it is maintained correctly and more producers are aware of this and obliging. You can always ask for the source of the wood and those who are responsible producers will be recipients of the Forest Stewardship Council logo, this means they are replacing and managing their source correctly. Of all the floor covering trends consider this as being the most important.


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