Home maintenance

New House In Need Of Some Heavy Home Maintenance?

Sometimes buying a house isn’t the end of a long and stressful process, it’s just a mid-way point when the real work has yet to begin on your new ‘doer-upper’. We’ve all been there.

Wanting to settle into our new home but a myriad of problems are playing on your mind.

Well, stress no more as The List is here to help you turn your house into a home. Take a look at our Home Maintenance section where we can connect you with a wide variety of local professionals, pick the profile that suits your needs and we can fix that dripping tap.

Why DIY when we can make it as easy as ABC?

Essential Home Maintenance

home maintenanceWhether the house is in a serious need of remodeling or you want to convert it to your dream home let The List find the professionals you need.

Before visiting B&Q and picking up your hammer let us do the hard parts for you.

With some aspects of home repair or conversion you can’t take any chances so finding a trusted professional with the pedigree and experience is essential.

Check our wide range of electricians and plumbers in your local area to see if their experience and certifications are up to the task.

Your House, Your Home

Paint homeNow the essential work is done your house is livable but it still lacks that added spark: your personality.

Why get yourself covered in paint? Or accidentally use the wrong shade of paint just as you’ve nearly finished the biggest wall in the house?

Save yourself the DIY Nightmare flashbacks and let The List find all the local professionals you need.

Whether you have your own specific vision, or would like a second opinion on what to do check out the professional profiles and find the right one who matches your needs. Use The List to find the perfect painter, carpenter and electrician for the home maintenance you need.

Finishing Touches

You’re nearly there. The wiring is done, all the plumping is pristine and your decorations are so totally you.

Then you remember it is 2020 and you want to be on the cutting edge of home technology; let us find you the best support to help keep you ahead of the curve. We can find you the best smart lighting, heating and entertainment technology to bring your home into the 21st Century without it going all HAL in 2001.

After all the trouble of buying a house you need the easy life now!

Your dream home is now all set up all with a fraction of the stress thanks to the verified profiles of local professionals on The List. Everything you needed under your roof is under our roof. We’ll even find you a Home Mover to fetch your sofa to put your feet up. Put the kettle on, we’ll have it milky with one sugar.