paint your homes exterior

How To Paint Your Homes Exterior

Want to paint your homes exterior but don’t know where to start? Well it’s a job that doesn’t often come up but when it does, and it will, it’s hard to know where to begin. If the paint on your home is starting to fade, or you want a new look, read on to find out how to paint your home’s exterior.


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paint your homes exterior


What you need

If you want to paint your homes exterior yourself, then there’s a few things that you’ll need to pick up first. Naturally, you’ll be needing a ladder to reach those high up walls and you’ll obviously be needing some paint, so make sure you get the right one.

When it comes to painting the outside of your home you’ll probably need masonry paint, not only is this designed to stick to the outside walls of your home more effectively, but it’s treated in a way that allows it to withstand the more severe weathering than the paint you use inside your home.

Additionally, you’ll be needing a good brush, you’re only as good as your tools after all. We would recommend finding yourself a standard brush, to reach any tricky corners, and a rolling brush which will allow you to cover large areas at a time – ultimately speeding things up.


paint your homes exterior


Before you begin

Now that you have everything you need, there are just a few things to check before you begin to paint your homes exterior. Firstly, how’s the weather out there? Raining? Better leave it then.

If you’re going to paint your home, you’re going to need at least a few days of ‘not rain’ before you can begin. The last thing you want is for the rain water to leave the paint streaky before it’s had chance to dry or for it to wash all of your hard work down the storm drain.

You’ll also need to get rid of any of the old paint and much that’s still clinging to the walls. If don’t and you paint over any flaking paint or excess dirt, then there’s a chance that this will come off and take the new paint with it. This is only going to give your home a patchy style and not a particularly aesthetically pleasing one either.

To get rid of the old detritus, we recommend using a wire brush to scrape this off, which shouldn’t give you too much trouble.

Also, don’t forget to protect your window ledges, drainpipes, or any external wires that you don’t want to paint by wrapping them in newspaper or old cloth. This will ensure that even if you do make a mistake, you can easily just peel away the paper, similar to how you would place masking tape around the borders of your room if you were painting inside.

Now, let’s get painting!


paint your homes exterior



Painting your homes exterior can be arduous, tedious, mind numbing even, but it is actually fairly straightforward and not too difficult. It might seem like you’ve been at it for hours and barely scratched the surface (try not to scratch the surface) so a good trick to make things go faster is to split the wall into manageable sections.

Following this method you can impose some logic and order on the chaos of your walls. Once the wall is split into sections you can tackle them in a way that makes sense to you, left to right, top to bottom, whichever you choose. Now you’ll be able to tick off which sections you’ve done and feel like you’re making great progress.

When painting a fresh area of the wall, use big up and down strokes to paint and move along the wall towards sections that you’ve already painted. Make sure to run the brush both up and down, that way you can be sure that you haven’t missed any part of the wall that you may have missed on the first stroke.

And that’s all there is to it. It’s a long process, but my word do you ever feel accomplished once you’ve finished.


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