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Plumbing problems: when to call a plumber

Everyone likes to think, that when push comes to shove, they’re able to fix any problem, no matter how big or small. While this is true, for the most part, when it comes to DIY there are definitely times when a professional touch can make all the difference between a successful job done and a DIY nightmare, quite literally of your own doing. Most plumbing problems can be fixed with the right tools and some good old-fashioned elbow grease, but every now and then, it’s important to know when to call a plumber.

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Now let’s take a look at the plumbing problems when you absolutely should call a plumber.


Blocked Pipes


Plumber problems


Blocked pipes are definitely one of the more common problems, and despite the constant warnings from water providers, the council, and signs in any public place, some people still can’t help flushing things down the drain that they shouldn’t (the fatberg under Whitechapel might change your habits).

Small blockages are common and can be dealt with easily, if you feel your drainage slowing down then try a recommended unclogger and follow the instructions. If this doesn’t work, then you may have a bigger problem on your hand.

Major blockages can be caused by anything from sediment, unflushables, and even to tree roots growing into your pipes. If the usual stuff doesn’t do the trick then it might be time to book yourself a plumber.


Frozen Pipes


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Frozen pipes are a tricky one, while it’s not a problem most of the year, in winter it can become quite serious. This plumbing problem typically occurs during quick cold snaps. Rapid and unexpected falling temperatures cause any water left in taps to freezes quickly, and when water freezes it expands. This has the unpleasant side effect of not only leaving you without water, but the expanding ice can quickly burst the pipes.

If you think that your pipes are frozen it’s important to turn the stopcock off straight away to prevent any additional water freezing. Realistically however, if you want your water back and your pipes un-burst, then you should call a professional to take a look and thaw/repair your pipes as the situation dictates.


If you need a plumber right away, then be sure to check out The List and find the best professionals in your area. If you are a DIY superhero yourself, and want to save others from terrible plumbing problems, then sign up yourself and make a difference today!


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Sewage Problems

Yuck. As well as being thoroughly unpleasant, sewage problems demand immediate attention from a verified professional, due to the fact they can also have an incredibly detrimental effect on the health of those exposed to it. Prolonged exposure or inability to clean up can lead to a breeding ground of hepatitis, cholera, and typhoid. Not the sort of thing you want to be dealing with.

If you notice that your home is starting to smell ‘sewery’ then you should contact a professional right away, before the problem escalates. With any luck, it might be something as small as a dried-out seal, but it could lead to something much worse if left untreated. Also, no one wants their home to smell like a sewer, come on.


Home renovation


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On the slightly more pleasant, if still annoying, end of the spectrum of plumbing problems, we have big home renovations. If you’re adding a new bathroom or having your kitchen extended, then there are invariably more moving parts involved making it a much more complicated and delicate job.

To save yourself the anger and heartache of a job gone wrong, you should always hire a professional to tackle a big job like this. Your neighbours will also thank you for not flooding their home or turning the air blue with your constant aggravated swearing. Just a thought.