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Top Teaching Methods To Teach Effectively

Like just about every industry, teaching has changed a lot over the years. Just look at schools between now and when you attended yourself. I’d imagine you’d hardly even recognise the building, nevermind the teaching methods and techniques used in the classroom. Even outside the classroom, if you’re a music teacher, a language tutor, or even a tradesman passing on your knowledge, it can be hard to know the best way to proceed. At The List we made this list just for you, so take a look at common teaching methods to help you teach effectively.


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teaching methods


Flip the classroom upside down

That’s right, flip that classroom right upside down, not literally of course. What this teaching method entails is about symbolically flipping the classroom, in an attempt to make students more engaged. It’s also worth pointing out that when we say ‘classroom’ we don’t actually mean a classroom. It could be a one on one tutor session in a quiet space, somebody’s home, or even on top of a mountain top, okay?

To make this method work you’re going to have to encourage your students to help prepare for the class as you would, get them to bring something that they want to work on. If you’re a music teacher, ask them to bring a list of songs they would like to learn, and if it’s within their skill level you can teach them.

This method makes the classroom much more student-centric and as a result they’ll be more invested and much more willing to learn what you have to teach.


teaching methods


Self learning

Self learning is another teaching method that puts students at the heart of the learning process, as it should be. This technique is designed to encourage student to seek out answers themselves, by stimulating their interest in the topic at hand.

Face it, the old method of simply standing in a room with your student or students and expecting them to memorise everything you say is positively outdated. Within your own curriculum, present students with the different aspects and ask which they’d prefer to learn about.

Mind maps are a great way to demonstrate this, as it presents the student with everything they need to know about the topic, leaving them free to focus on the areas they want to learn first.

The drawback here of course is that some things are just plain boring and no student will want to learn them, but by showing which essential parts need to be learned, you can then add the more fun and interesting parts on top of these building blocks.


teaching methods



Gamification, has been around in teach circles for a while now, but only in the last decade has it really started to gain mainstream attention. This is one of the relatively straightforward teaching methods and involves turning your lessons into a game to capture attention.

Now obviously, there is no one size fits all as the older your students the more they’ll need to keep engaged but there are plenty of clever ways you can accomplish this.

For one, you can make it a simple “If you learn x then you can win x” but you can also make it more creative such as “Go away and learn x in x amount of time then you gain a point, if not then I do” then using this point system to encourage learning or even a “beat the teacher” style game, it suddenly makes learning much more engaging.

Human beings innate drive to succeed will see them trying to win the game without thinking of it as learning. Pretty cool, huh?

So there you have it, three teaching methods designed to help you teach more effectively. Not that you weren’t already brilliant, but everyone can do with a refresher every now and then. The best thing is, this is just three, there are plenty of other methods out there to help but these were definitely our favourites.


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