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The essential App for your at-home service needs

How it works

The Platform – Introduction

We have put together an on-demand handyman platform to cater to your essential service needs.

Quick recap: If you know us from before, you will remember that we built an extensive network of local providers for a wide range of services. At the time, these could be looked up and booked through the platform. With a wide range of services, ratings, and payment methods, we were tackling the service industry that has been neglected for so long with a platform based model so you could find the right provider for the job in an instant.

We have improved upon this model to do just that – get you the services you need with the right provider in an instant.

Following feedback over the past couple of months, we have realized that the issue isn’t necessarily with finding the right people, it’s with getting the right people fast, reliably, and at a great price. So, we decided to focus on providing you with services rather than providers.

We do the hard work for you!

We have leveraged our vast network of service providers and turned our product on it’s head. We vet the providers for you and now use a proprietary algorithm to match you to the right provider once you select the service you need. This simplifies the process for you and actually gets your job done much faster!

Hosting a select range of services, we provide you with the price upfront so you know what you are in for. Simply pay like on any other e-commerce website and let the magic work for you!

Our USPs

We pride ourselves in our Speed, Reliability, and Quality.

We (re)built this platform to meet those expectations much more effectively. The way we achieve that is through market-leading and market-changing capabilities in the following;


On-Demand Model – We have focused on creating a product that ensures you spend the least amount of time looking for the right people for the job. No more worrying about where to find the people that are qualified, let alone whether or not you should trust them.

We have also implemented a price first focus. We now offer you set services you can book at a standard price*. No more wondering about any changes in the fee once the job gets started. No more callout charges either!

*We do not include spare parts in the price. These will be charged for separately or bought by yourself.


Provider Network – We have spent the past 3 years building a network of providers around London across multiple verticals. We know what they are looking for and how to accommodate them effectively. This also means, we know how to pass the value over to you. The relationships we have built allows us to create a trustworthy network of providers you will be able to leverage for your own benefit!

On top of this, we vet providers before they join the platform to make sure you only get the best of the best. Whomever we choose to come your way will be a qualified individual we have vetted ourselves, personally.


Matching Algorithm – Lastly, we are a technology company at heart. We love solving your problems with modern solutions. The service industry has gone unchanged for too long. Did you know, if you were recommended a plumber through word-of-mouth you would have experienced the same buying process as ancient Romans in 753 BC? That’s the the same experience for nearly 3000 years!

We know they say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”… but then again, horses were as good as it got until Henry Ford came along. Now that we are in your neighbourhood, the service industry will experience a similar, if not greater, transformation.

How? We have created a proprietary algorithm that matches you with the best provider in seconds. They analyze the situation and determine the best fit based on distance, availability, and live traveling routes amongst other things.


We implemented a model that has a similar experience to shopping online for new clothing. Instead of introducing you to every available provider in your area individually, we simply provide you with a list of services we offer with the prices displayed upfront. This way, you can look for the issue you need solving and book within seconds, knowing the cost ahead of time. We then take over and make sure to match you to our vetted providers as quickly as possible.

You will be able to talk to your assigned provider through the platform if necessary. 24h before the booking time we will also provide you with their numbers to make things a little easier.

If there are parts needed to fix or replace the issue, they will be charged separately unless already provided. We will not take purchase action without explicitly confirming this with you. We will always help you when searching for the part yourself if need be. However, our providers are highly skilled and will likely know where to get the best value parts. We currently do not partner with any providers for parts or other items, so there is no need to worry about us recommending something that will benefit us!


Payment happens ahead of time. We provide you with the list of services we have available and their respective prices so you know exactly what to expect.

We take online payments only.

We keep your money secure in our third-party vault until 24h after a booking is completed, just in case we need to settle anything unexpectedly.

We also take on most debit/credit cards from all over the world. So whether you’re in an Airbnb for a week or recently moved from overseas, you can pay for your essential services (and claim back costs with invoices if requested)!

What does “On-Demand” mean?

We have adopted an on-demand approach to makes sure you receive the services you need quickly and reliably.

In practice, we have implemented a network model where we aggregate all our contacts developed over the past 3 years. We sort and categorize them based on certain criteria. When a booking comes through, we use these criteria to match you to the most appropriate, available and vetted, provider.

The reason we do this is because we can deliver services much quicker this way, and even potentially deliver on the same day!

On-demand simply means – when you need it.

No need to prepare and do your research. No need to anticipate when things may go wrong. And no need to brush up your DYI skills last minute. Just order the second you need it and get it done within hours rather than days or weeks.

If you like the product and wish to spread the word, feel free to share our story through here.